About Us


Know Compliance helps clients to comply in a practical and cost efficient manner. To achieve success in your business, you need to focus on what you do best and have the necessary licence(s). Let us help you with compliance, risk management and corporate governance matters which is what we do best.

We have a team of highly qualified people who have worked for a diverse range of organisations including regulators ASIC and APRA, tertiary and training institutions, the ASX, stockbrokers, business information providers, retail and wholesale fund managers, custodians, insurance companies, venture funds and issuers of fixed interest, debenture and mortgage loan products.

Since 1998 we have assisted a wide array of firms in the financial services and other industries to meet increasing levels of compliance and risk management. You can rely on our practical approach and knowledge as we have over 100 years of combined industry experience in assisting companies ranging from listed multinationals to sole director companies.

Our success comes from understanding our clients’ business operations and providing compliance support to a deadline and at a reasonable cost.