How We Work

– listen to your needs
– aim to exceed your expectations
– take the extra steps to produce a satisfactory outcome for you
– tailor our services to meet your organisation’s unique requirements
– work to your timeframe and budget
– train your existing personnel


We work closely with our clients to understand their individual businesses and to meet their compliance requirements. We aim to provide you with compliance advice and solutions that are practical and cost effective. There are many different types of licence authorisations. We help you to choose those which are right for your business.

With assistance from Know Compliance, you can save valuable time and money and feel confident about your state of compliance. You can then focus on what you do best – running the core elements of your business – while Know Compliance provides ongoing compliance services.

For some organisations, utilising Know Compliance helps overcome issues relating to conflict of interest.

Keeping clients abreast of regulatory developments is a fundamental part of our ongoing service and we provide information on current and new requirements relevant to your business.

We attend compliance seminars and conferences, industry forum groups and subscribe to various information feeds and publications, all of which can be expensive and time consuming if you were to do this yourself.

For clients developing their business, we can advise on the selection and appointment of external service providers such as auditors, custodians, solicitors and other specialists. We can also help with the selection and recruitment of suitable responsible officers and compliance committee members. Where possible, we will introduce you to our network to help you expand your business


To deliver high quality compliance services and ensure business continuity, two or more team members may work on a project at any one time.

We have a program of continual training to keep our staff up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Know Compliance is growing all the time. We focus on the continuous improvement of our team members’ skills and our internal processes to streamline and enhance the efficiency of the services we provide to our clients.


We offer services at competitive rates.

We will discuss our fees after first meeting with you to discuss your particular compliance requirements.

If there are any add-on costs, clients reimburse us only for what we pay. We do not put a margin on these costs.

We know that TIME IS MONEY so we work hard with you to keep costs down. We help you to do things right the first time to avoid costly mistakes and to minimise the risk of adverse regulatory action.

We plan all work with you carefully to meet deadlines and minimise expenses.

We will help you to get good value from other external service providers, including your legal advisers.