Huiyun Fan

Compliance Consultant

M.E, B.E

Huiyun, or Hui (pronounced Hwee with a soft H), is a new addition to the Know Compliance team. Hui brings significant experience, as well as a mastery of Mandarin.

Hui obtained her degree in Automated Industry, followed by her Masters Degree in Mechatronic Engineering in Beijing. She is currently studying for a Masters degree in Banking and Finance at Monash University, Melbourne.

On completion of her studies in China, Hui entered the Financial Services industry, first as a Lending Officer with the Agricultural Bank of China.  After four years she became a Manager in the Corporate Business Department of the same bank.  Three years later she moved to the Dongxing Securities Co. in Beijing where she was  Senior Investment Manager for two years.   Hui’s most recent role in China was Senor Product Manager in the Investment banking department of the CITIC Bank, Beijing, a position she held for four years before migrating to Australia.

Hui’s career background and current studies  have equipped her with a skill set admirably suited to the analysis and review of property funds management schemes.

With the addition of Hui’s skills and experience Know Compliance is well placed to assist clients.