Leon Betheras

Leon Betheras

Director and General Manager

Dip. Industrial Engineer (Assoc.)

Leon is the General Manager of Know Compliance and has completed the AICD company directors’ course. He has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing systems, policies and procedures in the manufacturing, retail and financial services sectors, focusing on the delivery of cost efficient and effective customer service. He was a chartered member of the Australian Human Resources Institute for over 20 years.

Leon has considerable project management skills and experience to steer the Know Compliance team to provide services to our clients in a timely manner. He is directly involved with client projects, including development of policies and procedures, risk assessment and reviews of business operations and marketing material. He injects a sound and practical business approach to compliance with regulatory matters whilst taking into account clients’ business and financial considerations, thus providing a practical balance to the Know Compliance team.

Leon specialises in reviewing and editing clients’ websites to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations without compromising the underlying themes of the websites.