Service delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

During this time,  all Know Compliance staff and management are working from their individual homes to comply with the social distancing measures.  

Each home workplace is equipped with a telephone, computer (PC and/or laptop), appropriate seating and is isolated from other home activities. 

Each home computer is password protected

All have access to the internet, in most cases via NBN.

All can access our central network server which is itself password protected.

Know Compliance soft copy files and records, including work in progress, have been cloud-based for more than a year, well before this pandemic.

As a condition of their engagement, all staff were required to enter into a confidentiality agreement and have been reminded of the ongoing nature of this agreement while they are working from their homes.

Know Compliance holds regular meetings, at least weekly, with all management and staff via computer/app-based video conferencing.  This is to ensure that all client work is kept on track and also to check up on the health and wellbeing of one another.

Know Compliance is also holding and attending all client meetings via video conferencing as necessary.

For the purposes of payroll and invoicing, all staff are required to record their working hours, time spent on each client project, time spent on updating themselves as to actual and proposed changes to relevant regulatory requirements, and generally maintaining their industry knowledge.   These time records are submitted electronically to the Know Compliance office.

The Know Compliance business premises have adequate and appropriate security measures in place.

The directors are confident that Know Compliance can continue to deliver its contracted services to its clients securely, without interruption and in a timely manner.